Links to our favorite sites website- A comprehensive look at all we grow and detailed information about each plant. Hopefully you will consider it a resource. It is frequently updated and there is a special box containing the latest information happening at the Xera Plant Shop

Visit the Xera Page on Facebook- Frequent announcements and updates occur here, including sales and specials at the Retail shop. We post a lot of pictures there too.                                                     

Plant Lust- its a way of life and this  site confirms it:

Old Goat Farm- A tremendous garden and nursery. And Greg is also known as the Bird Man of Orting (WA). This is a great blog.

Immaculate, risky?  Danger Garden combines the two with great skill.

Chickadee Gardens- We’ve made some great friends since we opened our retail shop and Tamara is one of them. Check out her cool blog:

The Lents Farmer- A friend and devoted gardener- Just don’t get him started on Peonies:

Scott is a grass guru with the heart of the plains and living in Portland:

All you need to know about the weather- NOAA Portland:

We are proud members of The Hardy Plant Society of Oregon. If you love to garden you should join this fantastic group today:

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