Portland, Oregon USA

Bio: I'm an avid gardener in Portland, Oregon. I'm co-owner of Xera Plants Inc. which is a wholesale as well as retail nursery here in town. I love almost any plant and I'm firmly convinced that every genus has its diamond in the rough. Visit my blog for updates on all things gardening in my fair city. My garden in North Portland is three years old at this site- I've been gardening in Oregon for about 35 years. More than three quarters of my life. I love weather and climate and how it interacts with gardening in my setting. Along with plant profiles and forays into garden design I will include pertinent information about the weather/climate in Western Oregon. I think its one of the best places to garden in the world. Plants that I profile will as much as possible be available at the Xera Plants Shop. Its located at 1114 SE Clay St., Portland, OR (503)236.8563 and please visit our website for in depth descriptions of each plant that we grow and our mission as gardeners. http://www.xeraplants.com. Thanks, Paul

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